Current Class Organisation
Junior School                              Middle School-                                    Senior School

One Prep/Foundation Class                       Two Year 3/4 Classes                                   Two Year 5/6 Classes
Two Year 1/2 Classes



At St. Gabriel’s we believe that students learn language through meaningful experiences in a variety of contexts across the curriculum.  Students are rigorously engaged in  the different modes of language, which include listening, speaking, reading, viewing and writing.  We believe that all students can achieve high standards when given sufficient time and support.  

In the Junior School students are involved in a daily two-hour literacy block.  They have the opportunity to work independently and in small and large group activities.  Grouping of students is flexible and based on specific needs. Students are involved in focused teaching groups as well as learning centres where they practise a range of literacy skills. 

Reading Recovery is an early intervention program offered in Year One at St Gabriel’s.  It is a  one to one tutoring program for students experiencing literacy difficulties after the first  year of school.

In Years 3-6, students participate in approximately four two-hour literacy sessions each week. In reading, students are involved in group, pair and individual work during this time.  Teachers work with small focus groups, which are selected on the basis of like needs.  Groups are flexible depending on the focus of a lesson.  The writing program is genre based and often linked to our Inquiry program.


At St Gabriel’s we recognise the fundamental importance of Mathematics.  We use a variety of assessment strategies to drive our teaching ensuring our program meets and challenges all levels of ability.

The St Gabriel’s maths program focuses on developing mathematical skills and knowledge that will assist students with their critical thinking in real life situations. Students are immersed in mathematical language and experiences that enhance their understanding of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability.

Visual and Performing Arts

St Gabriel's values the Arts and they are considered important outlets for the communication of ideas, feelings and beliefs and as major sources of intellectual, physical, spiritual and emotional development, understanding and enjoyment. The arts are successfully and consistently integrated through our whole curriculum approach.  

In addition to this we also provide:

  • visual art lessons  each week in our specialized art studio.
  • music experiences  each week.
  • St Gabriels’ School Choir
  • Students at St Gabriel’s have the option of particpating in the Mad on Music progrma which offeres quality tuition in Keyboard, Guitar, Singing, Choir, and Recorder. (see
  • Students participate in an eight week dance program that  uses dance as a vehicle to develop students’ inter/intra personal skills and fitness levels. (see

Religious Education
The religious nature of our school permeates all aspects of school life. Children participate in formal Religious Education lessons within their classrooms and informally through all other classes. The Religious Education texts, “To Know, Worship and Love” form the basis of the school program. The children participate in daily prayer in their classrooms and in weekly school prayer at assemblies. They have the opportunity to celebrate class masses and to participate in school and class masses throughout the year.

Students receiving a sacrament are prepared in class and via family meetings.
Reconciliation -Year 3, celebrated in Term 1
First Communion -Year 3, celebrated in Term 2
Confirmation -Year 6, celebrated in Term 2 (Date set yearly by our local Bishop)

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) / Digital Technologies

St Gabriel’s believes in the positive educational value of digital technology and its potential to support student learning across the curriculum. We believe that we must provide students with the necessary technological skills to thrive in the 21st century using technology in the classroom, where it creates new possibilities to explore a topic and through a dedicated Digital Technologies/ICT subject for 1 hour a week.

Our computer technology encompasses interactive whiteboards (Promethean) in each classroom, 75 shared chromebooks and 10 iPads.  We use the GAFE (Google Apps For Education) suite which is cloud based. Students are provided with a school gmail account and guided opportunities to use technology to connect, learn, collaborate, and communicate with authentic local and global audiences; helping them become safe, responsible, and globally aware digital citizens.  

Our digital technologies subject, begins by exploring how students can protect their personal information and be aware of their digital footprint, cyberbullying and staying safe online.   It also investigates data collection, filtering, interpretation and representation. Through real world projects, a variety of multimedia presentation skills are developed such as stop motion, ebooks, green screen technology, animation and mind maps..

The increasing importance of computer coding has led to a differentiated program where students begin in Grade 1 by learning to code a small robot (Beebot) through sequence steps, then investigate algorithms, procedures and loops before finally writing their own code using Scratch and Makey Makey.

Art and ICT have successfully collaborated on a variety of projects throughout the years with requirements and success criteria allowing for peer and self assessment as well as rich external learning opportunities via competitions and workshops. 

Click to view recent videos of our achievements: 

Radio Project (Middle school):

3CR Website detailing the St. Gab's excursion:

Makey Makey Instruments (Senior School):

Young ICT explorers competition:


Digital Technologies Curriculum :

Language Other Than English (L.O.T.E)

Italian is the language other than English that is taught to all children. Children learn about the culture of Italy, the history of migration to Australia, language structure and communication.

Sport – Health Education

All classes have a  Physical Education class per week.

In addition to this:

  • Middle and Upper School students are involved in trials for Cross Country and Athletics.
  • Senior School students are involved in interschool sport each Friday.
  • Summer sports are cricket, rounders and bat tennis.
  • Winter sports are soccer and netball.
  • All students participate in a one term dance program.
  • Year 1-6 participate in an 8 week swimming program.
  • St Gabriel’s send a Year 3/4 and 5/6 team to the “Hooptime” basketball competition each year.
  • Various external sporting groups come to our school to run skill clinics for the students.



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