After a meeting of Parishioners in 1928 Mrs. Beattie was asked to start a school that opened in 1929. Mrs. Byrne was her assistant. St Gabriel’s School was up and running with the first junior classes commencing in the old wooden church. Full primary facilities to Grade 8 (know then as the Merit Grade) were introduced in 1930 with the arrival of the Good Samaritan Sisters. The first Sisters at St Gabriel’s were Sr. Ignatius Dunne and Sr. Marie Therese Bushell. The 1970’s saw a change in direction at St Gabriel’s school, as the number of children from multicultural backgrounds, mainly Italian, began to increase. Funding became available from Migrant and English as a Second Language (ESL) Programs to cater for the needs of these children.

In 1972 the first lay principal Mr. Don McLean, was appointed. Following principals have been Mr. Maurice Cilia, Mrs. Frances McDonald, Miss Mary Connell and Mr. Brian Booley. 

During the 1970's, the administration block and a staff room were built, as well as renovations to classrooms. 1979 saw the Library housed in its own building, the original art room and toilet block were demolished and Prep classrooms were moved closer to the main school. A new toilet block and covered walkways were completed. The 1993 building program saw the addition of a new Administration and Staff Area and School Library. The 2003 building program saw the addition of an Information Technology Area, Staff Planning Areas and Student Welfare Centre. Demolition of two freestanding buildings has opened up both playground areas. The most recent Capital works have included an Assembly Area, Synthetic Surfaces under playgrounds, Synthetic junior play area, surrounding verandahs, extensions and work on the parish/school hall, a Junior gym area and a new classroom. This has also allowed us to enjoy a dedicated Art Room and LOTE (Italian Room).

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